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Specific jobs require specific machines, and some things simply can't be substituted.  Telehandlers are one of those job site machines that are absolutely essential for getting work done.

Telehandlers are crucial equipment for contractors, providing versatile lifting and loading capabilities on construction sites, industrial facilities, and farms.  With their ability to handle a variety of materials and navigate rough terrain, telehandlers enhance productivity and safety, reducing manual labor and potential accidents.  From moving heavy loads to reaching inaccessible areas, contractors rely on telehandlers for efficient and effective operations.


As a contractor or builder, you understand how essential it is for your people, equipment, and materials to be accessible and ready to get to work.  From unloading materials to hoisting them during construction, you won't want to be caught out without one of these machines.  Browse our selection below!

JLG G5-18A

JLG's G5-18A compact telehandler is one of those machines that is easily overlooked for its bigger brethren but seldom passed over when it comes to usefulness.  Go where a forklift can't and rent a G5-18A today!

JLG G5-18A

  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 5,500 lbs.

  • Maximum Lift Height: 18' 4"

  • Maximum Reach: 10' 11"

  • Operating Weight: 10,800 lbs.



The SkyTrak 6034 Telehandler – the ultimate solution for your lifting and reaching needs.  With its impressive 34-foot maximum lift height and 6,000-pound lifting capacity, this powerhouse machine is built to tackle any job.


Equipped with advanced features like 4-wheel drive and steer, it effortlessly maneuvers through rough terrains, ensuring exceptional stability and control. Whether it's construction, agriculture, or industrial applications, the SkyTrak 6034 Telehandler delivers unmatched performance, reliability, and versatility.


  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 6,000 lbs.

  • Maximum Lift Height: 34' 5"

  • Maximum Reach: 23' 2"

  • Operating Weight: 18,600 lbs.


The SkyTrak 10054 Telehandler sets the standard for heavy-duty lifting.  With an impressive 54-foot maximum lift height and a massive 10,000-pound lifting capacity, it's ready to take on the most demanding projects.


Equipped with advanced features and rugged construction, this telehandler delivers exceptional performance and reliability in construction, industrial, and agricultural applications.


  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

  • Maximum Lift Height: 53' 2"

  • Maximum Reach: 38' 9"

  • Operating Weight: 28,200 lbs.


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Telehandlers are one of the most necessary job site machines for every contractor.  From getting the job done to getting you out of a bind, US Rentals has the machine you need.  Get a quote today from the U.S. Rentals Equipment Experts to get your job going today!

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